April Rewind: Easter, Earth Day, and Bobby’s Marathon

Hi everyone! Happy May! This is probably one of my favorite months — behind September and December, of course. A few great things about May: 1) The spring weather, 2) I can hang out on my patio/deck with my new plants and flowers, and 3) Mother’s Day. The only bad parts about May are my spring allergies. I’ve never had bad seasonal allergies, but something about North Carolina’s climate just destroys my eyes, nose, and throat. All in all, I’m excited for what’s to come in May.

April was a pretty busy month for us. During this time of year, our weekends are packed.  I’m assuming because everyone is tired of being cooped up inside all winter. April consisted of a small Easter celebration, some volunteering for Earth Day, and a short trip to Virginia to celebrate birthdays.

Of course, April 1st was Easter. We decided to stay home and not travel. Easter isn’t a big deal for Bobby and me, so we kept it low key. With that said, I love having an excuse to cook an elaborate meal. If you read my post about my failed dinner, then you know we didn’t have dinner. We did, however, have an awesome pancake brunch with some friends.

Easter Brunch, Pancake Bar
Easter Pancake fixins: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, and sprinkles!
Easter Brunch, Pancake, Pancake Bar
My Easter Brunch

And because Easter baskets are a thing, I convinced Bobby to let me make small baskets for us and Mowgli. Typically, like Christmas, Bobby would fill my basket and I would fill his. This year, I filled all of the baskets (mostly because I had my eye on a cheap phone tripod). The contents of each basket were less than $20 courtesy of 5 Below and Target.

Husband Easter Basket
Bobby’s Easter Basket
Wife Easter Basket
My Easter Basket
Dog Easter Basket
Mowgli’s Easter Basket

After our friends left, we ventured out to the grocery store. To our surprise, everything was closed. I mean, I know we live in the south, but EVERYTHING was closed ALL day for Easter. This is definitely not what we’re used to! After driving around for a little while, we finally found a Walmart Grocery that was open. We grabbed a few ingredients to make homemade pizza, and I snagged an egg dyeing kit. Then, spent the last bit of our Easter weekend “tye-dyeing” our eggs!

Egg Dye, Easter Egg

Easter Egg, Egg Dye Kit

Next up, we celebrated Earth Day by volunteering at Whole Foods and Horton Grove Nature Preserve. Bobby and I love being outside so much that we had a wedding registry at REI. We spend a lot of time camping and hiking, so Earth Day is an important reminder for us to give back to our planet.

On April 19th, six local Whole Foods Markets agreed to donate 5% of their net sales to the Triangle Land Conservancy (TLC). I spent a few hours volunteering at a booth in one of the Whole Foods. As people walked through the produce section, I greeted them and educated them on what TLC does for the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

Over Earth Day weekend, we spent Saturday helping TLC build trails at the Horton Grove Nature Preserve in Bahama, NC. Bobby and I learned a lot about “cutting” trails. From looking at topography and where to map the trail, to digging out all vegetation and how to properly fill holes from roots or rocks. We found that building a trail required a LOT more work than we thought. It definitely gave us a better appreciation for our park system and trail crews.

Horton Grove Nature Preserve, Earth Day
Me and Bobby at Horton Grove Nature Preserve
Old Navy Earth Day Shirt
I work this super cute shirt from Old Navy

On Sunday, we attended the Meadow Lark fundraiser for Learning Outside at Irvin Nature Preserve in Carrboro, NC. We got to tour the new gardens, take a carriage ride around the property, make flower crowns, and bid on items in the silent auction. I actually won a set of herb/veggies in the silent auction! Can’t wait to plant them!

Earth Day, Flower Crown

The Garden at Irvin Nature Preserve

Flower crown, Earth Day, Horse and Carriage Rides

At the end of April, we traveled to Virginia for Bobby’s marathon. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out because a few days before the race Bobby started complaining about pain in his Achilles. He rested his legs the entire week of the race but decided to push through and continue with the race. As some of you know, Bobby is extremely headstrong. When he puts his mind to something, he’d rather fail than quit. So when I dropped him off at the starting line, you can probably imagine how nervous I was that I’d get a call from the medics saying he needed to go to the ER. I reminded him of how proud I was and kissed him goodbye.

North Face Endurance Challenge, Marathon, JMU, Bemidji State
Hugging before the race
North Face Endurance Challenge, Marathon
My silly runner 

It was about 2 hours in when I got a call from Bobby. He said, “there’s no way I can finish the 2nd half”. I met him at mile 12 and picked him up. He was in a decent amount of pain, but no ruptured Achilles. I was so thankful that he listened to his body and decided to stop. I’d rather play it safe than go to the ER for surgery.

We spent the rest of the day Saturday celebrating Bobby’s brother’s and stepmom’s birthdays. Bobby’s Aunt and Uncle from Maryland came to celebrate as well! We had a great time catching up with everyone.

Me, Willow, and Claire
Silly faces!
Bobby and Willow
The Birthday Boy!

It was a busy month, but lots of memories were made! In case you missed it, here are my blog posts from April:

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I hope everyone has a great April! Thanks for reading my April Rewind. Cheers to May and summer right around the corner!


2 thoughts on “April Rewind: Easter, Earth Day, and Bobby’s Marathon

  1. What a full April is right Lauren! Great blog and love all your beautiful photos. Especially you with your Flower Crown and Bob with is BSU shirt. You both live a full and engaging life – which I know you strive for. Bob being head-strong has gotten so far in life and I’m so proud of him. He is heart-strong as well – best combo ever and a perfect match for his beautiful strong & caring bride! xoxo

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