9 Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is here! And today I’m sharing my beach bag essentials.

Bobby and I went to the beach for the first time this year — and the first time since living in North Carolina. It’s so nice to be only a few hours away from the beach. When we lived in DC it would take 3+ hours to get to the nearest beach. You’d think to be on the Potomac, it’d be just a hop and skip away….but with the traffic, it’s a nightmare. You’d have to take Friday off just to get ahead of the traffic. And if you’re really ambitious, leave Thursday night.

With more day trips in our future, I’ve officially packed my beach bag for summer. I use a small cosmetics bag inside my larger beach bag to hold all of the small items. Aside from the obvious (towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses), there are a handful of essentials I keep in my bag all summer.

Here are my beach bag essentials:

Chapstick with SPF — I’m really good about lathering up on sunscreen but I always forget to cover my lips. At this point, I don’t even buy chapstick without SPF in it! I carry it with me all the time and have a few extras stashed in my beach bag and desk.

Hair ties — I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who likes to wear her hair down at the beach. You’re hot, sweaty, sticky, salty….gross. Best to keep hair pulled back in a ponytail. I pack a few extra hair ties and bobby pins in case I lose one in a gnarly wave.

Mini fan — I cannot handle the heat. My body just shuts down. It’s like hanger (hungry anger) but way worse. I’ve passed out from heat exhaustion before, so I am really careful about being overheated. I keep a mini fan with me at the beach in case I need to cool off. Here’s the fan that I use. It’s awesome! Keep cool out there!

Headphones — You can’t ht the beach without listening to some tunes!

Facial cleansing wipes — As I deal with facial acne into my 30’s I am really careful about keeping my skin clean. I make sure to pack cleansing wipes in my beach bag so I can wipe off any sunscreen residue, sweat, and salt after a long day at the beach. If you’re looking for a recommendation, here are the cleansing wipes that I use.

Tissues — Have you ever been caught in a wave and get salt water up your nose? That’s why I bring tissues. You’re welcome.

Hand sanitizer — This is something I added to my beach bag after our recent trip. My hands were salt-water-sticky and no matter how many times I tried to wipe sand off, I wished I had some hand sanitizer. Especially when I was trying to eat my sandwich. Nothing is worse than feeling sand in your teeth! YUCK!

Plastic bags — No one likes to sit in a wet and sandy bathing suit, so I pack a few plastic grocery bags to put my wet suit in. You can also use it to collect trash from snacks, tissues, etc on the beach.

Tampon — because you never want to be that girl.

Now you know what I keep in my beach bag. What are your beach bag essentials?


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  1. Try adding baby power to your sticky hands and feet. It helps wipe away the sand, sticky salt residue and it feel good on sunburn. And I always bring a gallon of water. I use an old milk container and use it to wash off if no shower around.

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