My Stitch Fix Review: March 2018

If you read my last Stitch Fix Review, you’d know that I’m 0 for 2 on Stitch Fix boxes. The first box did not match my style profile AT ALL — like, wasn’t even worth blogging about! The 2nd box was better, but nothing was worth keeping. I decided to give it one last shot and see if third time’s a charm. Here we go!

Monique Henley Blouse

Monique Henley Blouse, Stitch Fix Review

The first item out of my box was this blouse. My stylist suggested that I pair it with white shirts or blue jeans. While I really liked the pattern, the fabric was really thin you could see my bra! For nearly $40, I wasn’t going to keep it. Not off to a good start.

Walton Henley Blouse

Walton Henley Blouse, Stitch Fix Review

Well, my stylist definitely heard me when I said I wanted color. Holy cow this shirt was bright!! My stylist suggested that I pair it with white jeans and blue denim jacket. I liked the style/cut of the shirt but wasn’t a fan of the different patterns and colors, so I decided to return it.

Allegro Cold Shoulder Blouse

Allegro Cold Shoulder Blouse, Stitch Fix Review

I’m not a fan of the cold-shoulder style, so I was hesitant to try on this shirt. I usually purchase classic, timeless pieces and this was not something I saw myself wearing a few years from now. My stylist suggested pairing it with some black trousers or a mini skirt. I tried it on for the sake of taking a photo but quickly took it off. The shirt was really short (barely hit the top of my mid-rise jeans) and wasn’t comfortable. Sending it back!

Coty Dolman Sleeve Peplum Blouse

Coty Dolman Sleeve Peplum Blouse, Stitch Fix Review

This shirt was really cute! It was a little too small, but I loved how it accentuated my waist. It was a little too low cute for my taste. Plus, I rarely wear things like this. I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt or spring dress kind of girl. ::Sigh:: Maybe this last shirt will be a winner?

Geraldi Split Neck Blouse

Geraldi Split Neck Blouse, Stitch Fix Review

When I pulled this shirt out of the box I just knew I was going to like the style/cut. I have several other similar blouses from LOFT, but I wasn’t sure I’d like the pattern. I tried the top with a few different pants/trousers but didn’t love it enough to keep it. The pattern wasn’t really my style.

Sadly, I decided to return all 5 pieces. On the upside, I didn’t get any pants, outerwear, or accessories! The stylist’s note did say that Stitch Fix’s inventory was lacking color. And she picked the peplum and cold-shoulder bouses because of my ruffles and peplum request. I definitely liked this stylist the most — she paid attention to my profile!

I’ve decided to stop shipments for the time being. Paying $20/month to try on clothes — especially since I’m not buying anything — it’s outrageous. It was a nice try, and I started to see improvement with the picks, but I don’t think Stitch Fix was for me.

Have you ever tried an online stylist? What was your experience?


3 thoughts on “My Stitch Fix Review: March 2018

  1. Hey Lauren! Thanks for sharing your journey with Stitch Fix. I agree with all of your assessments on the items they sent you. However – you make all of the styles look good. Nice though that you know your OWN personal style and you have a GREAT one at that. Have you ever had your colors done?

  2. I’m loving these on you. I think you look fantastic in all of them but the last one. I think the last one is too boring. The others are flattering, and I really like how they give off different looks and “moods”. The first one looks so cute, and with a dark bra … it’s the fashion. Sometimes it’s fun to get out of your comfort zone. 😄

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