My Favorite Bloggers

My Favorite Bloggers

Hi friends! I’m celebrating 6 months of consistent blogging. Every milestone counts, right? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite bloggers. These ladies are the ones that sparked my interest in blogging. From fashion and beauty to fitness and food, these are my top, must-read blogs.

Beauty, Style: The Small Things

I absolutely LOVE Kate and The Small Things blog. I’ve followed her for years on Pinterest and Instagram but didn’t realize until recently that she’s located in Raleigh. I actually bumped into her at Target a few months ago. Total star-struck moment!

Kate is hilarious on Instagram stories. She’s all about “real life” versus blog life. She’s usually in her robe without makeup, and I love that she keeps it honest! Plus, her beauty tips are practical and easy. What’s not to love?

Style, Beauty, Mom Life: Veronika’s Blushing

I started following Veronika and Veronika’s Blushing back in 2013 before she had kids. It’s been fun to watch her expand her family and share mom life stories.She constantly posts photos and videos of her 2 kids on Instagram and they are SO cute (enter heart eyes emoji here)! She’s also a working mom, which is what inspires me to be a working mom with a successful blog.

I just love her fashion style! She has a nice balance of office attire and casual/weekend wear. I love that she sticks to more timeless pieces versus trendy items. And everything is so feminine! If only I could have her wardrobe!

Healthy Living:  Peanut Butter Fingers

I just started following Julie and Peanut Butter Fingers last year. She’s got a lot of awesome healthy recipes and workouts on her website. She even has a dairy-free filter! I’ve made a few of her recipes: Morning Glory Muffins, Black Bean and Brown Rice Salad, and Chicken Sausage and Spinach Frittata.

Also, Julie just announced she’s pregnant with baby #2. I’m excited to follow her (healthy) journey through pregnancy!

Mom Life, Style: Lauren McBride

Laura is another blogger I just started following. Her blog has some great lists for moms like baby registry items and hospital bag checklist. Honestly, I don’t really read her blog I just follow her on Instagram stories. She’s 100% honest about life, whether it’s dealing with Comcast customer service or post-partum underwear…she doesn’t hold back! She’s hilarious! And I love her fashion style. She’s all about comfort and finding a good deal (me too)!

Healthy Living, Style: Honey We’re Home

I’ve been following Megan and the Honey We’re Home blog since 2015. She actually had another blog called Honey We’re Healthy that documented healthy recipes and fitness routines. I’ve tried some of her meal prep ideas and home organization tips and they’re awesome! Megan is this little ball of fun and I just imagine us being friends.


And there you have it! Those are my favorite bloggers. I follow a TON of other bloggers, all for different reasons. Maybe I’ll share a part 2 with more bloggers that I follow.

Do you have any favorite bloggers? Let me know in the comments below.


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