Our Thanksgiving in Florida

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Bobby and I travelled to Florida to celebrate with my parents.

We left town after work on Wednesday, so we didn’t get in until late. Surprisingly, we only hit a little bit of traffic which only extended our drive by an hour. We were expecting pretty bad traffic and planned on being zombies on Thanksgiving Day. (YAY for not being zombies!)

My mom tasked me with making pumpkin pies, so I jumped in the kitchen pretty early Thanksgiving morning. I follow the Pumpkin Pie recipe on the back of the Libby’s Pumpkin can and EVERYONE loves it! Bobby was tasked with making deviled eggs. My mom and I LOVE deviled eggs…but we hate making them. Funny enough, Bobby doesn’t like deviled eggs but he enjoys making them. Wow! I sure did marry the right guy!!

And while we were busy in the kitchen, Mowgli was having a blast in the pool! It’s the first thing the grandkids (or grandpup) do when they get to Nana and Pop Pop’s house. Mowgli learned how to swim in my parent’s pool last summer and now we can’t keep him out of the water!

dog swimming, wet dog

Since it was just the 4 of us, my mom pulled out the china for dinner. The tablescape was beautiful! The menu consisted of turkey breast, honey ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, stuffing, applesauce and broccoli slaw. Of course it was WAY too much food, but the best part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers!

Thanksgiving, thanksgiving food, thanksgiving tablescape, tablescapeThanksgiving foodThanksgiving, family

Friday morning we ventured to the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill at De Leon Springs State Park in DeLand for breakfast. My parents rave about the pancake mix, and they were right! The pancakes were awesome! Plus, you get to cook your breakfast on a griddle at your table. It was a really neat idea. We purchased a bag of their pancake mix. Can’t wait to try it at home.

Old Spanish Sugar MillOld Spanish Sugar MillOld Spanish Sugar Mill

Old Spanish Sugar Mill, Fountain of Youth
The Fountain of Youth at the DeLeon Springs State Park

We didn’t do ANYTHING else on Friday. I think everyone needed a day to just relax. I convinced my mom to catch up on This Is Us (side note: do you guys watch this show? It’s SO good!), so we were on the couch from noon to 8pm.

For breakfast on Saturday, my dad made breakfast on the grill. My brothers and I bought him a hibachi grill for his birthday this year and he loves it! We used leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner (ham and potatoes). Bobby got to try his first potato pancake! We make patties out of mashed potatoes and fry them. Add a little cheese….SO GOOD!

Hibachi grill, breakfast on the grill, potato pancakes

After breakfast, we went to Daytona International Speedway to checkout the Turkey Rod Run — a car and vendor show. There were over 5,000 cars on display in the infield of the speedway. The infield is about 180 acres and it includes the 29-acre Lake Lloyd. We walked nearly 2 miles to look at all the cars…and we didn’t see them all!

Turkey Rod RunTurkey Rod Run, GTO, Hot RodTurkey Rod Run, CadilTurkey Rod Run, Daytona Speedway

Lastly, it’s not a trip to Daytona unless you eat at Our Deck Down Under. This is our #1 must-eat restaurant! My dad has been eating at the restaurant for almost 20 years. They have the BEST seafood!! It’s always packed, so we go early. Bobby and I ordered the seafood platter which came with clams, shrimp and crab legs. It was so good! I was so full!

Our Deck Down Under, seafoodOur Deck Down Under, seafoodseafood, crab legs, steamed shrimp, clams24296708_10107590658851292_8149123833993817441_n

We rounded out our night watching Passengers. I watched it back in September on my flight to Colorado. I’m not one for sci-fi movies, but this one was really good! I’d recommend it!

We had a great weekend in Daytona. I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.

…now it’s time for Christmas music!!


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