Perfectly Posh Review

Hi friends! Last month I won a contest on Facebook and was given a TON of free samples of Perfectly Posh products. Have you ever heard of Perfectly Posh? I hadn’t. They offer all types of pampering products for your face, body, hair, feet, and hands. From scrubs and masks to shampoos and lip color, Perfectly Posh’s products are made with naturally based ingredients. Today I’m sharing my Perfectly Posh Review on the blog.

As you know, I’ve been getting Ipsy and Birchbox purely for the ability to try new products and break out of my skincare and makeup rut. So when I received this package of samples, I couldn’t wait to test them out! Scroll down to read my review of each product. If you’re interested in buying any products, contact my friend (and Bobby’s cousin), Kelly Brown.

Perfectly Posh Review
ALL of the samples that I received!

Vial Lip Primer

PSA: If you don’t use a lip primer before wearing lipstick, you need to go buy one ASAP! I love wearing bold lip colors but they usually stain my lips or rub off after drinking out of a glass. Lip primer helps the color stay on all day and prevents stains.

I tried Perfectly Posh’s new Vial Lip Primer and loved it! It went on silky smooth and filled in all of the cracks in my lips. The lip primer is made with fermented desert date and sunflower oils to help keep lips moisturized. My lip color stayed on all day, and when I was ready to take it off it wiped right off!

Vial Lip Stain

First, I tried Vial’s Stop Blushing lip color. This color is perfect for a “barely there” look. It has more of a pink undertone, which I liked. Next, I tried on Love the Wine You’re With, a bold wine lip color. This color would be great paired with an outfit like this.

Perfectly Posh Vial Colors

Both colors have a velvety, semi-satin finish. It didn’t rub off on drinking glasses and stayed on all day (thank’s primer)! I will say that it started to get a little dry about half way through the day. I’d suggest carrying a gloss with you to add moisture when needed.

Perfectly Posh Vial Stop Blushing
Stop Blushing
Perfectly Posh Vial Love the Wine Your With
Love the Wine Your With

BFF: Best Face Forever Exfoliating Daily Face Wash

The BFF Exfoliating Face Wash has earth-friendly scrubby eco-beads and a mild grapefruit and peppermint scent. It really made my face feel clean! I didn’t have to scrub very hard, and my face felt really smooth afterward. Scrubs are great for oily/blemish-prone skin. If you’re like me and struggle with adult acne, it’s likely being caused by dead skin and oil clogging your pores. This BFF Face Wash exfoliates the dead skin but leaves your face moisturized and not dry.

Perfectly Posh BFF Face Wash

Gel Yes! Gel to Water Face Moisturizer

I was so curious about this “gel to water” moisturizer. When first applied, it definitely feels like gel. It was soothing on my freshly scrubbed face. After a few seconds of rubbing it in, it thinned and almost felt like a primer. It made my face feel really smooth and soft. It was lightweight but provided plenty of moisture. I bet it would feel amazing if I kept it in the fridge — cold gel to wake up your skin. Ahhhh!

Perfectly Posh Gel Yes Moisturizer

Skin Sticks

Perfectly Posh’s Skin Sticks are a great idea! They’re on-the-go solutions for dry skin, lips, cuticles, etc. They look like giant lipsticks! First, I tried The Purifier which has eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oils to help sooth skin irritants. I used it to moisturize dry spots on my feet and hands.

Next, I tried The Healer which is made of shea butter, beeswax, and vanilla and orange essential oils. My hands get really dry, especially in the winter, so sometimes I need a heavy duty moisturizer. The beeswax helps lock the moisture in place.

Lastly, I tried Sleepy Sleep which is made with shea butter and lavender oil. At first, I thought it was just another dry skin stick. But after looking in my Pink Ink catalog, the Sleepy Sleep stick can be applied to your forehead to relieve tension and help you sleep better. Lavender is a natural relaxant and is PERFECT for bedtime!

I’ve been eyeballing the Hot Pepper Sha-Bang stick. This would feel great after being on my feet all day!

Whole Lava Love Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

This “off” mask removes the dirt and dead skin that builds up on your face. The Whole Lava Love mask is made of (you guessed it!) volcanic ash, charcoal powder, tea tree oil, and eco-beads. I did some research and found that volcanic ash is quite beneficial to your skin. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast and an overall disinfectant. Volcanic Ash is high in sulfur, an active mineral ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroy it. These qualities are perfect for someone who is looking to rid of acne-causing bacteria!

Perfectly Posh Whole Lava Love Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

Sassyooma Hand Creme

If you’re looking for a thick hand creme, this is for you! Just a dime-sized drop of Sassyooma will cover both hands and elbows without feeling greasy. Its refreshing sweet citrus scent makes it the perfect lotion to keep at your desk.

Perfectly Posh Sassyooma

The Stripper Body Mask

How have I never tried a body mask before now? The Stripper Body Mask is full of charcoal which helps absorb free radicals and toxins that build up on your skin. It also includes moisturizing aloe vera and safflower seed oils. I applied this to my armpits, chest, and back before getting in the shower. It definitely was one of my favorites from the group! I highly recommend this product if you’re looking to detox your body from all the chemicals in lotions, deodorant, perfumes, etc.

Perfectly Posh The Stripper

Cackle Spackle Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I’m loving all of these mask samples! The Cackle Spackle is another “off” mask made of clay and charcoal to help absorb excess oil and help skin look clearer. I left it on for about 10 mins before rinsing it off. My skin definitely felt less oily after the mask. This was another favorite product that I think I’ll add to my basket!

Show and Gel Hydrating Body Gel

While I was writing this I asked myself, “what’s the difference between body wash and shower gel?” I’ve only purchased body washes, so I wasn’t sure if there was a difference between the two. I found this really helpful article. The bottom line is that body wash is great for normal skin and shower gel is best for acne-prone or oily skin. I’ve been using the wrong product this WHOLE TIME?! Glad I checked!

The Show and Gel features natural ingredients such as coconut water, aloe vera, and lavender oil. It nourishes your skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Plus the lavender smell was so calming!

Perfectly Posh Show and Gel

Love The Dark Body Scrub

Out of all the products I tried, this was the only one I didn’t care for. And I’m really bummed to admit it because I wanted it to work so badly! This gentle body scrub is made of a sea salt blend, charcoal, honey, and shea butter. It’s supposed to remove and moisturize dry skin, but it didn’t apply very well in the shower…it stuck to my hands.

Perfectly Posh Love the Dark

Jeweled Plum Fizi

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb? I got to try the Jeweled Plum Fizi and I can’t describe how amazing it smelled! It was a combination of plum and vanilla…so sweet! I have a larger than average tub, so sometimes I have to use 2 bath bombs to get the full benefit. That’s not the case with the Fizi! This little guy is packed with scent and shea butter. You can choose from 3 different variety packs on the website.

Pineapple Pick-Me-Up Exfoliating Face Mask

Last but not least, I tried this fruit enzyme face mask. The best part…the smell! I LOVE the smell (and taste) of pineapple. I just wanted to lick this mask off my face! It was a gentle exfoliator that really brightened my skin. I could feel it tingling when it was on my face — which is a good sign it’s working. Now, let me go eat some pineapple before I eat my face!

Perfectly Posh Pineapple Pick Me Up


I love Perfectly Posh’s mission to deliver more natural ingredients in our products. It’s the first beauty catalog I’ve seen that lists all of the ingredients. Plus, it looks like a great company to work for. They’re all about honesty, fun, and empowering women. Now that’s something I can support!

Here are a few other products that I want to try. Clearly, I’m interested in eye care!

Again, if you’re interested in trying any Perfectly Posh products, reach out to my friend Kelly Brown. And let me know what you think in the comments below!


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