Things I’m Loving: April 2018

Things I'm Loving

It’s time for another “Things I’m Loving” post. At first, I had a hard time trying to find things I love. But after a few days, I started saying “hey, I really like this!”

Swing Dress

These new jersey-knit dresses from Old Navy are comfy and cute! The jersey fabric is formfitting but stretchy at the top, then flares out for a full skirt. I layered it with a jean jacket and some canvas sneakers for a recent Girl’s Night at Dave & Busters.

Swing Dress, Old Navy, things I'm loving

Heaven’s Gate Podcast

I’m officially done catching up on Game of Thrones. I’m now in the middle of listening to Heaven’s Gate podcast which explores the American cult that committed mass suicide in California in 1997. They interview former members of the cult and family members of those deceased. The whole concept of a cult fascinates me. Especially when this one ended so tragically. It’s worth a listen!

Avocado Oil

I recently discovered avocado oil and it’s awesome! Avocado oil is an excellent substitute for coconut oil or olive oil. Avocados contain a LOT of beneficial fats. Did you know that avocado oil contains more potassium than a banana? It also has more protein than any other fruit. It can be used for high-heat cooking and have a very mild taste.

avocado oil, things I'm loving

Cherry Blossoms

Spring isn’t my favorite season, but I LOVE watching the Cherry Blossoms bloom. It’s the first sign of life after a long, grey winter. Check out these Cherry Blossoms near our community pool!

Cherry Blossom, Raleigh, things I'm loving

Dog Walk App

When I took Mowgli to the vet in January for his annual checkup, he was about 10lbs overweight. After a series of question from the veterinarian, we determined that Mowgli wasn’t getting enough exercise for the number of treats we were giving. So we decided to cut out ALL treats and increase his daily exercise! To keep track of his walks, I downloaded an app called Dog Walk. It’s a really cool and easy to use tracking app! I just turn on my GPS and hit “start walk”. We’ve been averaging about 1-2 miles a day, which is helping Mowgli lose weight AND gets me moving too!

things I'm loving, Dog Walk App

That’s all folks! What are you loving this month? Share in the comments below!


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